'what's left of what's right?'

Beatriz Elorza
Jan Willem van Welzenis
harriet horton
J Chein

J Chein

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Claws Tracking

another of nora’s early favorites, easily the angriest record she liked but i don’t think she had a real idea of expressing anger in a concentrated way yet, so she just seemed to dig the energy. she also listened to it a lot whether she wanted to or not. i always liked this song & the words in particular, a story yer not privy to facts essential to understanding. telephono’s pretty goddamned perfect all the way through.

(nora on her 4th bday, thick into her heavy german terror-chic phase)

u could feel a lot of doubt
on the runway & in her murder walk u could tell
maybe it’s how she fell
when she saw u, maybe it’s how she fell

like some bright orange pumps
it was the murder mystery she didn’t want
she put her claws deep in your arm &
it made the tracks go all red
pull yourself together, hon
or heaven’s just in your head

when the bulbs had all broke & hit the ground
there was hardly any sound, like ‘yeah yeah yeah’
then you see a lot of doubt that’s the way it was w/ the murder walk [???] & they knew
all along it was u
it’s too late now
cuz breaking up’s hard to do

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William Blake
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Novels That Will Be Considered the Most Important Literary Works of the Twentieth Century in the Year 2100 (According to Dalkey Archive)

Nightwood, Djuna Barnes
Malone Dies, Samuel Beckett
Molloy, Samuel Beckett
The Unnamable, Samuel Beckett
The Lime Works, Thomas Bernhard
Nostromo, Joseph Conrad
JR, William Gaddis
The Recognitions, William Gaddis
Ulysses, James Joyce
One Hundred Years of Solitude, Gabriel Garcia Marquez
At Swim-Two-Birds, Flann O’Brien
The Inquisitory, Robert Pinget
Remembrance of Things Past, Marcel Proust
Gravity’s Rainbow, Thomas Pynchon
Mulligan Stew, Gilbert Sorrentino

Speculative list from the Dalkey Archive (from an issue of their journal Context; compiled from responses  of “advisors at universities and bookstores”). I’m sure the fact that they publish several of these titles has nothing to do with these books’ inclusion. I’ve read all of seven of these, some of five of these, and none of three of these.

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i, on the other hand, have read all of six, some of five, none of four & not fucking heard of one. i’m not stupid. apparently, i am a moron.

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Eddie Martinez

Arnoldo di Villanova

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Francis Bacon

Neil Michael Hagerty

Repeat The Sound Of Joy

this is the song i remember my daughter dancing to for the very first time. she’d just started walking it seemed a few weeks ago & here she was sorta wobbling & shaking her ass at the same time. her preference musically until then leaned heavily toward noise guitar electronics, glitch & drone, specifically of the austrian variety & w/ a real thing for christian fennesz & really anything mego records related. i smoke a lot of dope. neil michael hagerty’s solo debut crushed her avante-garde stage in the bud. the record sounds like it was 90% recorded w/ toys so it all sorta makes sense. nora’s eleven now & i doubt she’s heard this song since she was three years old. she is still quite the dancer, & then some.

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Ed Fella

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“i have moment’s where it’s, like, wow, this seems early for this. like this is something that happens to me a lot. i’ll be sitting, watching tv—or, just doing nothing—& all of a sudden, i’ll realize:
i need to wipe my ass right now.
i mean, nothing happened, but i really gotta wipe my ass right now. right now. how did this happen. . . already? i’m 45 & my asshole’s just like blauuugghh. . . my asshole’s. . .
my asshole’s like the waistband on old pajama bottoms.”


louis c.k., oh my god