"okay lads, double bubbles all around."

James Ensor
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“but people don’t like people as much as they like dogs. cuz they don’t see what they hate in themselves looking back in a dog’s eyes, y’know? if africa was just all labradoodles … dying of aids … we would take care of it in one day.”


Sarah Silverman

“if yer drunk & throw up … on a man’s penis mid-blowjob,
you can save the moment … if you can muster a ‘ta-da’”


sarah silverman

sometimes yer emotional health’s gotta come first

sometimes yer emotional health’s gotta come first

ro/bo wisdom; or not, as he would never forget to note


The truth is, I don’t believe all that much in writing. Starting with my own. Being a writer is pleasant—no, pleasant isn’t the word—it’s an activity that has its share of amusing moments, but I know of other things that are even more amusing, amusing in the same way that literature is for me. Holding up banks, for example. Or directing movies. Or being a gigolo. Or being a child again and playing on a more or less apocalyptic soccer team. Unfortunately, the child grows up, the bank robber is killed, the director runs out of money, the gigolo gets sick and then there’s no other choice but to write. For me, the word “writing” is the exact opposite of the word “waiting.” Instead of waiting, there is writing. Well, I’m probably wrong—it’s possible that writing is another form of waiting, of delaying things. I’d like to think otherwise. But, as I said, I’m probably wrong.


-Roberto Bolaño, in a 2001 email interview with Carmen Boullosa. First published in Bomb and then collected in Melville House’s The Last Interview.

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